Zite Publisher FAQs

For Publishers and Content Creators

Zite is a free personalized reader for the iPad, iPhone and Android Phone that automatically learns user preferences and gets smarter with time. For publishers, Zite is a powerful channel that extends the reach of your publication and exposes your content to a broader audience that is interested and engaged.

Zite Publisher Program

What is the Zite Publisher Program?

The Zite Publisher Program is a new way for publishers to work with Zite. We are introducing readers to the “best of” content from an initial set of partner publishers. Each publisher’s content will be featured within its own section of the app, surfacing articles from their publication personalized to a reader’s unique tastes and interests. Our partners at launch include: Bleacher Report, CNN, The Daily Beast, FOX Sports, HLN tv, The Huffington Post, Motley Fool, The Next Web and VentureBeat.

How is Zite different?

Zite goes beyond manual customization and make use of more powerful technology to provide an individually personalized experience. No two Zite users are alike and we pay attention to how you interact with your Zite. Your Zite gets to know you better and better over time.

Is there a size limit in terms of the publishers you will work with? What if I have a small but active blog?

At this stage in the Publisher Program, Zite is focusing on larger publishers based on circulation and current Zite readership. We are looking for ways to work with smaller publishers.

Are these publishers paying you?

No – none of the publishers are paying Zite. We believe there is adequate value being created for both parties in the terms of the agreement.

Will the publishers be able to promote content within their section, like the brands you’ve worked with, or is the content strictly driven by the reader’s preferences?

The selection of articles within the publisher sections is driven entirely by the Zite algorithm, which in turn adheres to each reader’s preferences.

How will my Zite experience change as a result?

Each Zite reader’s experience will only change if they want it to – by selecting some of the new publisher-only sections available within Zite. Readers may also notice promotional activity within the app for these new sections, which we typically do for any newly created sections in Zite.

Will the Zite algorithm change?

No – the Zite algorithm will remain the same. It will be driving the best selection of content for every reader in any of their sections in Zite. That includes the selection of content that they will see in any of the Publisher sections that they add to their experience.

Why is CNN included in this publisher program? Is CNN being treated differently as a publisher than any of your other partners because Zite is owned by CNN?

CNN was judged by the same standard as all other candidates for the publisher program and was chosen to participate because of the high volume and diversity of content available. Their publisher section behaves exactly like all other publisher sections.

How do I participate in the Program?

If you represent a Publisher that you think would be a great fit for the Program then please send us an email to

For Publishers outside of the Publisher Program

How do I know if Zite indexes my site?

Zite draws from the web using various signals that tell us how users are engaging with your content. However, if you suspect that Zite is not properly indexing your site please e-mail and we will take a closer look.

How does Zite rank sites? Do large publishers get better weight? How about individual stories?

Zite does not favor publishers based on their size. Zite uses proprietary algorithms to deliver users content that matches their unique tastes and interests and is personalized to the type of content they like to read.

I have a great idea for how to improve Zite. Where can I send it?

We’d love to hear it! You can contact us directly by We get lots of great feature requests and we’re working on implementing many of them in upcoming versions of Zite.