Zite, 48 Hours after Launch

Wow! What an incredible, long, and sleep-deprived 48 hours it’s been here at Zite HQ in Vancouver, BC. We’ve been honored to be featured in dozens of great stories about Zite:The Wall Street JournalUSA TodayMashableTIMEFast CompanyVentureBeat,TheNextWeb, just to name a few. Also, because of the love our new users have shown us, we’ve been the number one free app in the iTunes iPad store for over 24 hours.

The flip side of all of the downloads is that our servers buckled under the pressure. If you experienced problems with Zite since you downloaded, we apologize. The good news is that we released a big fix tonight that should make the app much faster. Try us out again!

We’re going to hit the hay tonight and try to get some shut-eye. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your comments for improvement, would appreciate a rating in the app store (be kind!), follow us on Twitter, and tell your friends about Zite.

-A very sleepy Zite Team

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