Zite Integrates Highly Requested Features: Read It Later, LinkedIn, and Evernote

People don’t just read an article and move on these days. They like to share interesting finds and save them for future reading. We have seen proof of this within Zite with surprising figures. On a daily basis, 20 percent of our users save/share at least one article and 8 percent of total opened articles are saved/shared.

But, our users have let us know that our current saving and sharing options aren’t enough: they want more! So, due to popular demand, we’re excited to announce three new sharing/saving options: Read It Later, LinkedIn and Evernote. Here’s how each new feature works:

  • Read It Later: It’s been called a “DVR for the Web.” Use Read It Later to save all of the great articles you find in Zite to read at another time or on another device. Additionally, if you are a Read It Later user, you’ll be able to jump-start your Zite personalization using articles you’ve saved.
  • LinkedIn: Share articles with your professional network via LinkedIn.You can update your network, post to groups within LinkedIn, or even send an article to someone in your LinkedIn network.
  • Evernote: Add a web clip of an article to your Evernote archive.
As we explored adding these features, we discovered some interesting stats about how users currently save and share articles within Zite.
  • E-mail is still the clear winner among Zite users at 37 percent
  • Instapaper and Twitter are tied for second with 24 percent
  • Facebook holds its own at around 10 percent
  • Delicious is in the last spot at 4 percent

We’ll continue to monitor these numbers now that new options have been added and let you know how things evolve.
Are there other sharing/saving options that we’ve missed? Any other features you’d like to see in Zite? Let us know: we’re listening!


  1. I can't find the option to save an article to instapaper in my ipad anymore, only "readitlater" How do I add instapaper again?

  2. great job guys! zite is a MUST READ on my iPad!

  3. Hit the 'Share article …' button. All the sharing and saving options are there and your last four will appear just above it.

  4. Thank you. Excellent new feature in a great app

  5. Tried using evernote sharing, but only the first few paragraphs of the article get saved. How can I get the whole article or, better yet, select particular parts? Thanks

  6. I would use Pinboard more than any of the above. Delicious is dead.

  7. Agree with Pinboard statement above… I would use that heavily and have developed a sort of workaround through Delicious. Not elegant though, so Pinboard support would be amazing!

  8. When I click Evernote, it only saves the top paragraph or so of the article, not the entire article! Could you make the Evernote button clip the entire article? Thank you!

  9. ben

    can't wait for google+ to be added…. this would really mean me closing the doors on Facebook.now, a usability suggestion. A lot of times I seed a piece to multiple places. currently this is rather time consuming in zite. how about this one: icons (make them bigger in this case) serve a double function- on tap, they do what they currently do-on swipe, they "set" that account : next time you seed, this account will be included by default.to deselect, swipe again.maybe the visual metaphor used in iOS to select what service gets to use localization can be used.

  10. The only reason email is this popular is because you don't offer a bookmarking feature yourselves. An integrated bookmarking feature in this app is essential. Imagine a modern browser without the bookmarking feature. Yes you could always save your bookmarks on your desktop using a text editor and copy pasting the address back and forth but it's so 1995. Missing an integrated bookmarking feature is that bad!

  11. Question: where does one go for support queries re:Zite? I am unableto get Zite to save my ReadItLater password (it saves it for all other services,including Delicious, Twitter, etc), but every time I hit the ReadItLater button, it shows my RIL userid and asks for the password. I provide it, it saves the article, and next time I hit the RIL button, it asks me again.

  12. I, too, use the email button just to get the URL of the article. What is missing is a way to send the URL to Safari where I can use bookmarklets for Google Reader, Omni Focus, and others. Second to an open-in-Safari function, I'd like to see "share in google reader" button. The app authorization is already made to be able to read data out og Google Reader, so hopefully adding a share function won't be too hard.

  13. Hi Atul: send us an email at support@zite.com and we'll try to help you out!dltj: It's a little hidden, but you can tap on the url at the bottom of the article to bring up the option to open in safari or copy the url to the clipboard. Hope that helps!

  14. Ah, I see it now. That will be useful; thank you. It is subtle, though, and I'd recommend putting that functionality in the side bar with all of the other sharing options.

  15. Please add bookmarking support for Diigo!

  16. I read Zite every night for an hour and am dying to share articles via Google+, since I think Google+ is better at promoting dialogue. Please add support with your next update!

  17. Please support Android or a web site based implementation of zite

  18. The feature I want most is a web app version of Zite so I can use it on my desktop computer. I find my iPad uncomfortable to hold for longer than 30-40 minutes, and I can work and read for hours at my desk.

  19. If you want to see great third party support have a look at the Reeder app. And please add Pinboard.in support! Thx

  20. I share Zite articles all the time and it would save my finger a mountain of tapping if we could just have a Google+ share button. Zite is my all time favourite app.

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