Letter from GM of CNN Digital, KC Estenson

Today, CNN announced that it has acquired Zite. I wanted to take a moment to express personally how excited I am that Zite is joining the CNN family. Zite’s technology is in my humble opinion best in class, bettered only by the quality of the people behind it.

One of the things that made Zite so attractive to us is the fact that it is so well-loved by its current users. Through this acquisition, our goal is to help get Zite in the hands of more people. CNN’s mobile apps have been downloaded more than 12 million times worldwide, and the prospect of introducing Zite to this global audience is really exciting.

We see a trend developing here, one that is about the future of content discovery, and we believe that increasingly people will come to learn about new types of content based as much upon their personal interests and passions as they do the news of the day.

Zite will continue on its current path of being the product that so many of you love today. And it’s my hope that this new chapter will only make it better, faster and used by more people.

-KC Estenson, GM of CNN Digital


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