Game On: Zite Adds NFL Categories for the Most Passionate Fans

Game day is rapidly approaching and as you get your ducks in a row, your checklist comes out.

  1. Your team’s jersey: check
  2. Beer koozie: check
  3. Nacho dip recipe: check
  4. iPad: check
Wait, iPad? Yes, we said iPad. Introducing NFL team sections, Zite’s newest line of defense. Now, you can stay connected better than ever with your favorite team, or all 32 teams in the NFL, and get the latest news, perspectives, features and tidbits that are personally relevant and interesting to you. Got a favorite team or two? Need to keep up on the fantasy league? Add them to your Zite today and go beyond the few sites you have bookmarked on your web browser. Zite allows you to discover NFL articles you wouldn’t normally see, leaving you in the know at those Sunday football parties.
For many of you, football is more than a game; it’s a force that rules social calendars and water cooler chitchat for the better part of a year. Just hit CUSTOMIZE on your Zite homepage and enter your favorite NFL teams and you’ll be the wittiest, most interesting fan in time for the next tailgate or BBQ.
And should you need a friendly reminder, we’ve got your back. Zite users will receive prompts to customize their Zite with their team. Start adding your favorite teams and we’ll do a follow up blog post around Zite fans’ most loved teams.

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