Zite Gets Multiple Personalities with New Release: Sybil

Have you noticed yourself sleeping with your iPad under your pillow for fear of your husband adding sports teams to your Zite? Locking your iPad in a safety deposit box because you’re worried about your daughter adding a Justin Bieber category? Sounds like you have a bad case of Zite Obsessive Disorder.

Though we can’t solve the excessive time you spend on Zite, we can lower your intra-household strife with our newest release: Sybil.

Sybil allows you to give your Zite multiple profiles that will adapt to the preferences of the reader. You can now be at peace when you share your iPad with the family or your household, keeping in mind that your Zite profile is untouched.

According to a recent Zite conducted survey, of 335 iPad users, 30% reported that they share an iPad with one or more people. Sybil alleviates the need to splurge on another iPad. And since no two Zites are alike, your experience will remain unique and tailored to you. When Zite expands to other platforms, Sybil will ensure that no matter what device you choose, your Zite will be available to you.

And it’s easy to do. When you are in Zite, on the first page of Top Stories, there is a Profile bar in the upper-left hand corner that is called “Temporary.” You can sign up for an account to make sure that your Zite profile is saved. You can also add a new profile by clicking on “New Profile.” Enter in your name, e-mail, and a password, and in a matter of moments, you are ready to pass it off, with the ability to switch between profiles, giving everyone a chance to use Zite, and ameliorating your Zite Obsessive Disorder.

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