Zite Teams Up with Lululemon

Today, we are excited to announce that lululemon athletica will be the first branded section within Zite. So, what does that mean? Well, you can read more from lululemon on their blog here, but we wanted to share some of our own thoughts and perspectives with you.

As avid users of Zite, the team at lululemon came to us in the hopes of providing their guests with a ‘hub of health’. The intent of the section is to bring together some of their favorite sources and topics of inspiring content from across the web –with the hope that the section will help their guests find inspiration and new ways to meet their health and fitness goals.

We’ve been very vocal about not putting ads into Zite. Instead the section focuses on:
Great content – though you will find lululemon posts within the section, most of the content is simply what may inspire a lululemon guest. From health articles to fitness tips, lululemon trained the channel to generate content that would appeal to health and fitness buffs. Of course, the lululemon channel will also personalize content for you based on your reading habits and specific interests.
No ads – you’ll notice that there are no ads – lululemon or otherwise – in the channel. Instead, the focus is to inspire readers.
Opt-in – only users who expressly choose the lululemon channel will see it in their Zite.
You can find the channel by pressing “Customize” and adding “lululemon” to your Zite.

We are very excited to be working with the lululemon team, both from a business perspective and personally. We’d love to hear what you think about branded sections, so please leave us a comment below.

If you’re a brand who is interested in sponsoring a section within Zite and believe you can add value to a user’s Zite experience, then drop us a line at bizdev@zite.com.

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