Zite puts the power of personalization on your iPhone

Personalized news is addictive: once you’ve had a taste of it, you want it everywhere.  That’s why our users started clamoring to have Zite on all of their devices almost immediately after we launched.  Today, we introduce Zite on the iPhone, which marks our first step in bringing the power of personalized news to every major platform.

Current users of Zite can save their profile on their iPad and then get the same great news on their iPhone.  New users of Zite who don’t have an iPad can use the iPhone to set up their profile, choose some topics and start experiencing how Zite delivers you what’s interesting.
Though an iPhone is obviously much smaller than an iPad, we’ve been able to design the Zite iPhone app in a way that retains all of the functionality.  You can scroll through the stories in a section by swiping up and down.  To get to another section, you can either swipe left and right, or use the wheel at the top to spin through your categories quickly.


We’re really excited about what we’ve built and we’re excited to hear from our users once they’ve gotten a chance to try out the application. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Download Zite today!


  1. WOW! Now I have the stories I want where ever I am. Seems faster than the iPad app. I love the interface very smooth and fluid. Only lacks landscape view, which is just fine as I find it awkward to hold an iPhone sideways.Cross device support is amazing, took no time after I logged in to display my categories and news.I cant say enough good things about Zite. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. Very nice, but the UI isn't as pretty as Flipboard (on the iPhone). Flipboard and Zite are a bit like apples and oranges as per personalization, but the graphical goodness of Flipboard currently pushes Zite to the background. A little more impressiveness on the UI and the iPhone Zite will be equal, if not exceptional.

  3. Well, I personally almost gave up on finding a proper news app for my iPhone, but you guys prove me wrong. And boy, for once I love being wrong.

  4. Waiting for zite to incorporate targeted content like flipboard. I must say your ranking and sharing capabilities are better, but not importing feeds = fail.

  5. I sent an email earlier, but might as well post here too.I just downloaded the iPhone app, and while I'm excited to finally have Zite on my iPhone, unfortunately there are several things that are less than optimal.1. Having to scroll through all the sections to get to the one I want takes too long. I have over 20, maybe even 30 sections, and I haven't been able to get to the middle sections, much less the last ones. Also, I find myself overshooting the section I want, and have to roll back. Can you put the section selection on a separate page, instead of this rolling bar?2. Even on the iPad, the largest font size is a bit small for me to read comfortably, but on the iPhone, it's almost unreadable. I want about double the size of the current biggest font.3. In article view, I can't find a way to hide the controls. It's good that the control icons are big and easy to hit, but they take way too much space away from the article. Usually, iPhone apps toggle the controls by tapping in the middle, but tapping in the article view doesn't do anything. Am I missing something?I really like Zite's article selection and organization. I've tried many other news aggregation apps, such as Flipboard, but Zite is the only app I use regularly. I hope you improve the iPhone app to make it usable, because I'd love to take Zite with me when I don't have my iPad. Thank you for your consideration.

  6. Love Zite on the iPad and now the iPhone too. Any chance we might be able to get access to our content from a desktop. Would love to be able to kill time at work by going to Zite.com logging in and being able to access my customized news.

  7. Would love to see Zite for the Kindle Fire – is that a possibility? And I agree with an earlier post – having access from a desktop would be wonderful too!

  8. Hi Guys, good stuff! I am recommending Zite to my co-workers and friends all the time. The way zite gets me vs. how flipboard gets met is way better (i don't have to do it all myself).the UI is good – but as mentioned before the wheel is a little cumbersome (overshooting is common for me because of large fingers😉 ) and somehow does not look as fancy/nice/elegant as on the ipad or even the flipboard iphone app. But no complaining – i am really happy.Give me website/desktop support too and i would be even more happy. best regards

  9. BSE

    Wow zite in I-phone it's so awesome i am so impressive after hearing this news.

  10. Best. App. Ever.Any possibility of it becoming available for OSX?

  11. Would love to see Zite for the Kindle Fire – is that a possibility? And I agree with an earlier post – having access from a desktop would be wonderful too!

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