Zite’s Festivus Gift to TouchPad Owners

Happy Festivus to all the TouchPad owners out there! Hot off the heels of our recent iPhone release, today we release Zite for the webOS platform. We’ve partnered with HP to help develop this app, which uses the same Zite learning technology you know and love and brings it to the approximately 750,000 TouchPad owners out there. We were excited about webOS when it first launched because it leverages open web technologies, and now that HP has open sourced the project we’re excited to see how it continues to develop.
We always like to hear feedback from our users, so please do let us know what you think in the comments below, or by emailing feedback@zite.com.

One comment

  1. Scott Basinger

    I love my Touchpad and I love Zite! I have been issued an iPhone 5 from my company and would love to sync between the two. I have used Zite on webOS so much my articles are very well tailored to my interests. I would really appreciate it if I could take all that knowledge and merge it with Zite on the iPhone.

    I very much prefer webOS to iOS6.1. webOS is easier to use, in no small part because it includes a 5th row on the virtual keyboard for numbers. Please continue to support webOS! There are many of us who still enjoy using our Touchpads every day!



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