Zite 1.3.2

We released Zite 1.3.2 today. We’ve been listening to your feedback and this release fixes some bugs and interface quirks that our users have been complaining about. Here’s what’s new:

  • Many of you wrote in to say that you wish the iPhone application could show more text in an article on one screen, so we’ve made the navigation and thumb up/down bars disappear when you’re scrolling down.
  • Logging in and switching profiles so you can share accounts between your iPhone and iPad caused confusion, so we’ve made it much easier to do so. If you haven’t set up your iPad and iPhone to share a profile, we encourage you to do so as you’ll benefit from the added information gathered about your interests.
  • In previous versions of Zite, on older devices like the iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS, there were a number of application crashes. We’ve reduced the memory footprint of the application in this version, reducing the overall crash rate by over 40 percent.
Please let us know what you think of the improvements or if you have any other suggestions by sending an email to feedback@zite.com.


  1. It's now a challenge to share links on the iPhone. Tapping on the center of the page sometimes causes the page to jump to a different page. Plus, the swipe back left is disturbing. Swiping left goes back, but swiping right takes you through a different section. The interaction model now becomes harder to predict.

  2. Daniel, I'm pretty sure no one from Zite actually reads these comments. They never respond. Twitter doesn't work either. I'm guessing an App Store rating will be noticed though…

  3. This update appears to have hosed the WebOS version. I know, "dead" operating system, but still a bummer. And based on my WebOS experience, I had recommended Zite to several iPad owner friends of mine.. I miss my Zite!

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  5. Ditto here on my TouchPad. I've enjoyed Zite so much and have had numerous discussions while sharing articles with my friends and family on the content I've been reviewing with the app. I knew I was enjoying it and now that it isn't working, I realize how much I truly looked forward to getting my personalized content. I do hope that this is only a temporary issue that is resolved soon. Fingers crossed!

  6. mine either! Just hangs upon launch & never completes.

  7. Hi Jeremy,Sorry about that. We respond to every email sent to feedback@zite.com. Usually comments here don't require responses. Rest assured that we're reading them, however!

  8. Yep we screwed up. But it should be working now!

  9. Hi Daniel,I understand that swipe left not being symmetrical with swipe right is a little weird. But we thought it would be better to give people a shortcut to return to the section.Could you clarify what you mean about the article jupming to another page? I haven't seen that occur.thanks!

  10. I hate the new update. I often open a link so that I can simply give it the thumbs down, in order to teach Zite what I don't like. Now, the thumbs up/down disappear right after the page loads and before I can click on it. I then have to double-click to bring them back. It's a big pain and a step backwards for the app.

  11. Sorry to hear that. Our reasoning is that opening an article to read it is much more common than opening it to give the thumb down, so overall the experience would be improved by this change. We'll take your feedback into consideration for future versions, though!thanks!-Mike

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