Zite Now Available On Windows Phone 7

Today we’re thrilled to announce that a version of Zite for Windows Phone 7 is available. Moving to another platform is just another step in Zite’s promise to bring personalized news to users on all mobile platforms.

By using Zite, Windows Phone users will get stories personalized to their own likes and interests, and will find news they wouldn’t have otherwise read.  Though the Windows Phone 7 version of Zite is still based on the powerful Zite discovery engine, the interface takes advantage of Metro design principles and is optimized specifically for the Windows device.

If you have a Windows Phone, try out Zite today by downloading the app in the marketplace and choosing a few categories from our over 2,000 topics. Let Zite help you become more informed and up-to-date on the news that matters most. Send us your feedback on our new Windows Phone app, or anything else you might want to talk about, at feedback@zite.com.


  1. I liked it very much so. Looking forward to trying out the Windows 8 version of Zite too.

  2. Outstanding!!! Love Zite and finally on WP7. Thank you Zite.

  3. Great stuff, but I can't understand your priorities – how come you don't push web browser version before everything??Zite is the best.. keep up the good work!

  4. Great app for Windows Phone! I only started using Zite today, but it seems the app knows me like a best friend. Divided into sections, Zite seems to 'know' what I want to read. Fantastic!The one thing that I don't get, is that my Zite app synced with Google Reader AND Twitter, but it seems none of my articles read in Reader are available on Zite. Am I expecting something else which is not there?

  5. Been waiting for this. I have been using Zite since it's published at webOS , now it's available on Windows Phone. Good Job for Zite Team.

  6. Great, thanks! Zite was one of the few remaining reasons for why a full transition from iPhone to Lumia was not an option for me. Like!

  7. Great! Thank you very much for your efforts. Love this version as the iPad version.Good job!

  8. Great! Now I can move to the Lumia! Also can you build the windows 8 version too? I am right now addicted to Zite!

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