Introducing Zite 2.0

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Today, Zite is excited to launch Zite 2.0 a complete redesign of our popular iPhone and iPad application.

For our current fans, don’t worry: we’ve kept all of the things you love about Zite. Our underlying discovery engine still looks at millions of articles each day and create a magazine unique to you based on your personal interests. You’ll discover interesting articles to read that you would have never found otherwise. And we’ll continue to bring you the best of your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos.

But today, we’ve made Zite a lot better.

Zite 2.0 is the evolution of Zite from a personalized magazine to an intelligent magazine. In Zite 2.0 we’ve focused on making Zite smarter than ever, introducing discovery at every turn, and designing Zite to be both beautiful and smart.

Zite 2.0 is smarter than ever

In Zite 2.0, we’ve improved the intelligence of the discovery engine powering Zite. We’ve also added lots of ways to give your Zite feedback to improve your recommendations.

  • Zite now knows about 40,000 different topics –These new topics will allow you to drill even deeper into your interests and give Zite even more feedback about what you like and don’t like.
  • Facebook integration – now you can link Zite to your Facebook account to get topic suggestions based on your Facebook history.
  • Your Top Stories gives you more of what you love – we’ve expanded the number of articles in Your Top Stories and also brought in more articles from the topics you like. As always, using Zite more will help us to get even smarter about what you prefer. “The Smorg” is our internal name for Your Top Stories, because we were inspired by the vast variety and constant surprise that you find on a Smörgåsbord.
  • Thumb articles up or down from a section –pull an article up to give it a thumbs-up or down to give it a thumbs-down.

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Zite 2.0 has discovery at every turn

Zite also helps you discover content that you won’t find elsewhere. Zite surfaces fresh voices, different perspectives and unique topics. However, one of the most important issues with the original Zite was that it’s hard to find and explore new topics.

  • The Explore Page – when you need inspiration check out the topics featured on Zite’s new explore page. Or, use the search function to dive into our catalog of over 40,000 topics.
  • Topic Tags on articles – many articles have suggested categories, which will help you to explore something that’s hot in the news, remind yourself of a topic you love, or introduce you to a new interest.
  • Headline news module (iPad only) – thanks to the technology we developed for CNN Trends, users can now browse the most important headline news directly from Your Top Stories.
  • Popular on Zite module (iPad only) – Zite users are pretty smart, so it’s interesting to see the stories that are most popular among them.

iPad popular

Zite 2.0’s design has both beauty and brains

Finally, Zite’s user experience and design have been completely reimagined in Zite 2.0. While Zite is fueled by a powerful discovery engine, we’ve focused on making Zite both clean and simple. You’ll get all the benefit of our powerful technology wrapped in a beautiful design. You’ll notice:

  • A stunning new UI – every pixel of Zite has been rethought and redesigned and we hope you enjoy our new look.
  • A user experience that encourages discovery –many of our features rely on Zite’s powerful underlying technology, but they were designed to subtly encourage discovery without getting in your way.
  • A new logo – our new owl represents everything that you love about Zite: he’s curious, he’s intelligent, and he’s approachable.
  • Visually differentiated page layout – much like turning the pages of a glossy magazine, Zite’s page layout algorithm tries to mimick the mind of a news designer, emphasizing the most interesting stories.

iPad section-thumbup

Try out the power of an intelligent magazine for yourself. Download it for your iPad, your iPad mini or your iPhone and let us know what you think.

p.s., For our Zite users on other platforms, fear not: we’ll be working on bringing in Zite 2.0 features and design to you in 2013.


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