What’s on my Zite? Featuring Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is Marie Claire’s creative director & a Project Runway judge. Follow Nina on Twitter: @NinaGarcia

What device do you use Zite most on?Style: "NG_COLOR"

My iPad.

Walk us through your reading process.

Well, it’s a very straightforward process… I always start with my Top Stories and click to the ones that seem interesting… If I think that this story in particular will interest my twitter and facebook followers, I will share it… Then, depending on my mood or time, I will visit more or less sections… I do always make it a point to click on Arts & Culture, Fashion & Social Media.

What types of articles do you tend to share most?

It all depends on the article… I like to be surprised and I like to surprise my followers as well… Obviously, a lot of my followers expect that I share stories related to the fashion world, but, for example, I learned that people LOVE to read articles from the Harvard Business Review and stories about social media… As I said, there’s no rule. It’s really what piques my interest.

What are some of your favorite sources of content that you read on Zite?

To me, the Harvard Business Review is a must. Fashion articles from Marie Claire & The Guardian (FashionBeans for men’s) and then articles from Mashable, The Next Web and Inc.

How much time do you spend reading on Zite daily?

It all depends on the day… I generally use Zite in the mornings and nights… I would say between 30-60 minutes daily.

What are your top three sections that you look at daily?

Top News, Fashion and Social Media.

If you could add one new category to your Zite – anything – what would it be?

A category about TRENDS. A category that talks trends in general terms: architectural trends, fashion trends, book trends, arts trends… etc… All in one category.

When you’re not working, what activities do you enjoy?

As a working mom, I like to spend time with my family.  I’m also an avid TV viewer (although mostly on my iPad!). Some of my current favorites are Game of Thrones, Homeland, and Downton Abbey.

What’s the most interesting Holiday-related reading you’ve read on Zite this week?

There was an article from The Next Web about online activity during Christmas day that really interested me… It was proof that we really live in a mobile world and we (the people that work in the magazine and fashion world), need to learn from that. (see below)

More than 50% of all online activity took place on mobile devices during Christmas day, study shows http://zite.to/Rkzzmt  via @tnw

What’s your favorite fashion trend right now? And what’s one you wish would go away?

One fashion trend that I wish would go away are angry shoes. I like shoes that are feminine and attractive… And there are so many trends that I like for spring…. The black and white combinations, the return of the 60s, white, gold, etc.  However, the most important thing to keep in mind about trends is not to follow them, but rather, to make them your own. So I always encourage my followers to be bold, creative and have fun with their fashion choices.

What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

I’m very excited about 2013. We are launching a new season of Project Runway on January 24. I’m very excited about my ongoing partnership with JCP–this is the year when we’ll really start seeing some of the hard work that the great team there has been working on for the past months! And of course, I’ll be reporting from the couture shows in Paris before fashion week takes off in February! And hopefully, you’ll soon start seeing some of the projects we’ve been incubating in 2012.


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