Zite’s Take: Top Articles of 2012

People love Zite because it gets smarter as you use it. To get the maximum value from your Zite, however, it pays to give us feedback in the form of thumbs up and thumbs down.  Recently, someone asked the question, “But what articles did Zite users like or hate the most in 2012?” We thought that was an interesting question, so we dove into the data and came up with this.

Below is a list of the top five most liked and five most disliked articles of 2012, as rated by Zite users, with a bit of commentary on what that says about our user base.


1. 40+ Super Secret OS X Lion Features and Shortcuts, AppStorm

  • Who wouldn’t love a good cheat sheet for your favorite features and shortcuts?!

2. New Apps for 2012, MacStories

  • Just like Zite, these apps are all about making life easier. Shout out to Federico @Vittici for thinking of us as he put this list together.

3. And Here’s The Secret Reason Apple Is Crushing Google…, Business Insider

  • This is a testament to our Apple and iOS fans, given our roots as an iPad application.

4. All the Awesome Things You Can Do with a Long Press on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, Lifehacker

  • As the title suggests, there are some awesome quick tips and shortcuts in this article.

5. 10 things science (and Buddhism) says will make you happy, Wildmind

  • As techies, we weren’t surprised that Zite users would show their love to Apple stories, but we did find it interesting that the intersection of science and religion, namely Buddhism, made the top five.


1. Obama: ‘Help Us Destroy Jesus And Start A New Age Of Liberal Darkness’, The Onion

  • We can only hope that the fine humor in The Onion was only decried by our users because they thought this was actually a real article.

2. Top 10 gadgets for Men, Menz Magazine

  • This is a mystery, since we think that there are some cool gadgets in this article, even if they are a little old school.

3. Opinion: Windows 8 vs. OS X Mountain Lion — why Apple Suddenly Sucks, Digital Trends

  • OK, Zite fans: I know you are often Apple fanboys (and girls) but what about some love for the underdog?  Besides, this piece is written by respected analyst, Rob Enderle.

4. Apple announces iBalls: the ultimate Retina Display, Scoopertino

  • If you are one of the users to ‘dislike’ this article, don’t let it turn you off of the blog as a whole; there are some pretty hilarious posts for Apple and Droid lovers alike.

5. Santorum hopes to rebuild middle class, Rick Santorum Blog

  • Rick didn’t make it to the final round. ‘Nuff Said.

Wondering what other cool things we can uncover about Zite users’ interests? Send us your thoughts to feedback@zite.com.


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