Zite 2.2: We’re Listening

Zite has been busy for the first few months of 2013. On the heels of our Zite 2.0 release in December, we released Zite 2.1 in February, which included a bevy of new features and user requests. We’ve also been working to improve Zite’s recommendations, such as our changes to the “Popular on Zite” algorithm.  Additionally, we’ve introduced the new blog series, ‘What’s on my Zite?’ that focuses on interesting people who love Zite. Nina Garcia and Greta van Susteren were our first two guests to share their experiences.

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Today, we’re excited to announce another update to Zite that includes a few new features, usability tweaks, and a few bug fixes.  We’re continuing to listen to our users and working hard to keep releasing updates that make Zite the type of app you want to come back to again, and again.  Here are some of the key updates we’ve made in this release:

  • Like and follow topics from Reader Mode – when you thumb up an article, you’ll get a list of related topics, which you can either like or dive into for more articles.
  • Image Gallery – when an article has multiple images, just tap on one image and you’ll see all of them presented in a slideshow.  This is great for image-heavy sections like “Interior Design” and “Street Art.”
  • Native Facebook sharing – besides being faster and slicker, this will eliminate errors that our users have been seeing.
  • Share and thumb pages after following a link – when following a link from an article, the option bar on the bottom of the page will remain, so you can give articles a thumb up (or down) and share the story.
  • Turn off “Popular on Zite” and “Headline News” modules – from your Quicklist, go into settings and you’ll be able to toggle Top Stories modules on or off.

In addition to new features, we’ve made some minor UI tweaks (note that the heart now looks much more tappable).

As always, we’re open to feedback and looking forward to another release in a few months with even more of your suggestions. Email us at feedback@zite.com to share your experiences.

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