Zite launches for Google Glass to explore the future of news

Google Glass_screenshot 2Zite has always been on the forefront of new computing platforms.  We first launched Zite on the iPad and have always been a mobile-first company.  We believe there is a revolution coming in the form of wearable computing and want to keep Zite at the forefront of delivering news to our users in new and innovative ways.

In that vein, we’re excited today to announce the availability of Zite for our first wearable computing platform: Google Glass.

Zite on Google Glass gives users the ability to scroll through the top 10 stories in their Zite.  As always this selection of stories is completely personalized so that no two users’ top stories are the same.  We thought this would be a great way to get onto the Google Glass platform and we’re really looking forward to suggestions from Glass Explorers about how they want to consume news on Glass.

The reality is that Glass – and any other currently feasible wearable computing – offers a different functional experience than your phone, tablet, or computer.  Therefore, the type of news that you consume on such device is quite different than what you might read on your tablet or scan on your phone.  In other words, the underlying type of news that you consume on a wearable must change.  Until news organizations start building news for these devices (like Circa did for the iPhone), we’ll have to try to innovate around them

Currently, wearable devices function largely as companion devices to a phone (though we imagine a day where that won’t be the case).  The next feature that we expect to release on Google Glass will be smart notifications.  Because Zite knows the kinds of articles that you most like to read, we are uniquely positioned to deliver you the industry’s best notifications, i.e., news that you actually want to read.

Since Glass is such a different form factor to anything we’ve seen in the past, expect the type of news, navigation, and features to be much different than your phone.  We look forward to pushing the envelope of what’s possible on wearables and to giving our users the best possible Google Glass experience.

Are you one of the early Glass Explorers?  Install Zite and let us know what you’d like us to do next. Zite for Google Glass can be downloaded here.


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