Zite reimagines Android and releases on Google Glass


Today we’re excited to announce Zite 2.0 for Android, the biggest update to Zite’s Android product since it was launched
18 months ago.  We’re also announcing availability on Google Glass.

We’ve completely rewritten our Android version of Zite to inherit the beautiful and functional user interface that is Zite 2.0, which we released on iOS in December of last year and continued improving with three subsequent releases.  It was very important for us to get the next generation of Zite right on one platform before moving to another.  After listening to our users through a few iterations to Zite, we believed it is time to bring the magic to the Android community.

However, we’ve worked very hard not just to port Zite to Android, but to embrace the platform.  We’ve included Android-specific features, optimized the interface to conform to Android user-experience guidelines, and integrated features from hardware vendors like Samsung.

If you’ve used the previous version of Zite for Android, here’s a list of some of the new features that you’ll find:

  • New Design: we’ve re-written the app from scratch and have a beautiful new interface for you to explore your favorite topics. Android_widgetCastle
  • Widget: add the Zite widget to your home screen, allowing you to page through your top 10 stories on Zite, based on your tastes and interests.
  • Explore: Provides an easy way to discover new topics from Zite’s expansive set of over 40,000 topics. Zite features new topics each week for you to explore.
  • Quicklist: Quick access to all of your favorite topics, with controls for reordering your list.
  • Improved User Setup: With a streamlined sign-in through your favorite social networks and clear, step-by-step user education to guide new users through the essentials of Zite.
  • Your Top Stories: Redesigned, with improved personalization and a more extensive selection of articles.
  • Brand New Sharing Menu: which includes all of the sharing services you have on your device.
  • Topic Tags in Articles: many articles have associated topic tags, which you can like or navigate to quickly from the article.
  • S-Pen integration: for users of Samsung devices, you can use your S-Pen to navigate the Zite app.
  • Better personalization: the core of what make Zite so amazing is our technology, which learns about your tastes and interests and gets smarter as you use it.  Your Top Stories is more intelligent than ever and will continue to show you old favorites while still surfacing fresh voices and surprising serendipity.

Zite 2.0 for Android will work for all Android phones with Gingerbread or higher, phablets (like the Samsung Galaxy II) and 7” tablets.  For all of these form factors, we’ve chosen to go with a vertical instead of a horizontal scroll and optimized that experience for larger devices.  A tablet version for Android is in the works, though we aren’t yet announcing a specific timeline.

Our commitment to Android is solid. We’re planning to release an update to this version of Android this Fall and will listen intently to feedback from the Android community.

iOS users, don’t despair: we’re thinking of you, too and working hard to make sure that Zite is going to look splendid on iOS 7 when it releases.


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