Zite 2.5 for iOS: Popular on Zite on iPhone, Rich E-mails and Bug Fixes

Popular On Zite on iPhoneZite is happy to announce that we’re shipping a new version of Zite for iOS with some exciting features and a bunch of bug fixes.

Popular on Zite is one of the most – well, popular – sections on Zite.  That module accounts for approximately 14% of all clicks on the iPad, which is a testament to how interesting the Zite community is.  On any given day, you’ll get a potpourri of stories about technology, photography, astronomy, world affairs, or whatever is trending on Zite.  Often, those stories wouldn’t have otherwise appeared in your Zite.  We’re happy to announce that Popular on Zite is now a module that will appear on your iPhone, in addition to the iPad.

Many users share the awesome things they read on Zite and e-mail is by far the most popular sharing service, representing about 50% of total shares (followed by Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+). We’ve made e-mail sharing much nicer by including a picture from the story and a summary; giving a bit more context to the person you share with via Zite.

Finally, we have a number of additional features we’ve added: Rich Email Sharing on Zite

  • If the app somehow gets killed or (very rarely) crashes, Zite will open to the last article you were reading
  • Airdrop support
  • A bevy of bug fixes and performance improvements

As always, we love to hear your feedback so send your thoughts our way. And look forward to an update to Android in the near future.


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